Beckham on the Bus: Reporting the Beijing Olympics

All Olympic Games raise predictable questions of knowledge control, and generate fiery exchanges among journalists and cultural critics and commentators about access. Things are a far cry from the provision of a few telephone and telegraph lines at the local post office, which was all that Amsterdam needed to provide 60 years before Beijing’s Olympic… Continue reading Beckham on the Bus: Reporting the Beijing Olympics

The Beckham of the Cobbles

Harry Potts – Margaret’s Story, by Margaret Potts and Dave Thomas, Sports Books, Cheltenham, 2006, pp. x + 310, and 64 pages of photographs/documents Review by Alan Tomlinson [This review is a longer version of a review that appears in When Saturday Comes] Harry Potts played for and managed Burnley Football Club in some of… Continue reading The Beckham of the Cobbles