FIFA and Ethics: Contradictions, Challenges and Corruption

FIFA and Ethics: Contradictions, Challenges and Corruption  Introduction In an insightful overview of the capacity of sociological perspectives to enlighten us about the place of ethics in sport, Chas Critcher wrote, back in the early 1990s, that there are well-established “ways in which the organization of sport actually contributes to disorder, deviance and unethical behavior… Continue reading FIFA and Ethics: Contradictions, Challenges and Corruption

FIFA: Ethics, Voice and Organisational Power Plays in World Football/Soccer’s Governing Body

PDF of Presentation made at 37th Annual NASSS Conference. “Fight for your rights and your voice: Public Sociology across organizations and institutions” Tampa, Florida, USA November 4th 2016 FIFA: Ethics, Voice and Organisational Power Plays in World Football/Soccer's Governing Body

FIFA and Leadership: The Fall of Sepp Blatter

As FIFA approaches its most open presidential election in its history, scheduled for Friday February 26th 2016 in Zurich, perhaps this could be the end of the road for the dynastic excesses of its last two presidents - a good time to reflect on the fundamental flaws of its leadership. At the beginning of June… Continue reading FIFA and Leadership: The Fall of Sepp Blatter

Blatter’s first re-election: May Days 2002

BLATTER’S FIRST RE-ELECTION: May Days 2002 Staying power When Sepp Blatter’s first term as president of FIFA was coming to a close, just before the 2002 World Cup Finals in Korea/Japan, he was mired in controversies related to FIFA’s financial problems, based in large part upon the collapse of International Sports and Leisure (ISL), the… Continue reading Blatter’s first re-election: May Days 2002

FIFA on Film

Hagiography has been a consummate skill in the sport-writing world, with ghost writers or tame official chroniclers portraying the lives of superstars or characters and celebrities who have illuminated the humdrum lives of we the fans or less blessed followers for whom the sporting champion can represent some vicarious sense of the heroic. There's been… Continue reading FIFA on Film

Blatter: FIFA’s Supreme Leader triumphs again

If a week is a long time in politics, 6 months is no time at all in the world of international football politics. FIFA president Joseph ‘Sepp’ Blatter was trained as a young man by timepiece giant Swiss Longines, pedigree watchmaker since 1842. He must have learned a lot about longevity in business and organisational… Continue reading Blatter: FIFA’s Supreme Leader triumphs again