Questions in Brazil

IN THE EVENT: Questions in Brazil Scott Reid, Orange County Register posed these questions on the eve of the World Cup kick-off and I answered them whilst in Rio, after a spell in Manaus. SR: How much will the corruption within FIFA and the CBF leave a cloud hanging over this World Cup? AT: The… Continue reading Questions in Brazil

The best Olympics never; mystery, magic and magnificent trivia

[This piece is a version of ‘The best Olympics never’, in Mark Perryman (ed) London2012: How was it for Us?, London, Lawrence and Wishart, 2013, pp. 47-61] In its last issue of 2012 The Guardian asked of 2013 ‘what can we do to match the Olympics?’ – perhaps mainly as excuse to show on the… Continue reading The best Olympics never; mystery, magic and magnificent trivia

Blatter: FIFA’s Supreme Leader triumphs again

If a week is a long time in politics, 6 months is no time at all in the world of international football politics. FIFA president Joseph ‘Sepp’ Blatter was trained as a young man by timepiece giant Swiss Longines, pedigree watchmaker since 1842. He must have learned a lot about longevity in business and organisational… Continue reading Blatter: FIFA’s Supreme Leader triumphs again

The International Olympic Committee and the Olympic System

Jean-Loup Chappelet and Brenda Kübler-Mabbott, The International Olympic Committee and the Olympic System: The Governance of World Sport, Routledge, 2008, 208pp. + xiv  ISBN 978-0-415-43168-2 (This is an amended version of a book review to be published in the academic journal Sport in History) This is the twenty-fourth book to appear in an ambitious initiative,… Continue reading The International Olympic Committee and the Olympic System

Understanding Sports Culture

Tony Schirato, Understanding Sports Culture, Sage Publications Ltd, 2007. 150 pp. Price not stated. Review by Alan Tomlinson Tony Schirato has written an ambitious book in which we are conducted on a worldwide tour of the history of sport, from the ancient Greeks to the contemporary world of globalized international sport. It is a story… Continue reading Understanding Sports Culture

Olympic Survivals: The Olympic Games as a Global Phenomenon

You can also download a pdf version of this article In this paper I do three things. First, I review come commentaries on globalization and culture, and globalization and sport. Second, I offer some selective reflections on the history of the Olympic Games, casting an analytical, periodizing eye over the 24 (Summer) Games, warning against… Continue reading Olympic Survivals: The Olympic Games as a Global Phenomenon

Theorising a Critical Politics of Sport

Text of oral presentation at Political Studies Association Inaugural Sport Group Meeting, University of Reading April 6 2006 Opening comments In the book Power Games: A Critical Sociology of Sport (2002) critical sociology is presented, by John Sugden and myself, as one of six overlapping elements characteristic of our sociological approach to researching sport: its… Continue reading Theorising a Critical Politics of Sport

Studying Leisure

In September 2006 the journal Leisure Studies celebrated its 25th anniversary. As one of its former editors, and a long-standing member and erstwhile Publications Officer of the Leisure Studies Association (LSA), I was interviewed, for the journal, about the growth of Leisure Studies in the UK, and delivered the opening presentation on this theme at… Continue reading Studying Leisure